Re-Imagining the Design of Imaging Technology

Omega Medical’s Soteria.AI is an image-guided system that significantly reduces patient radiation expos

Part and Parcel of Design Thinking

When APEX Biologix, a leader in regenerative medicine, rebooted the packaging for its XCELL BMC kits, they worked closely with ROBRADY to achieve a desig

Design from the Heart

Left Ventricular Dysfunction is a deadly condition in which the heart can’t pump with sufficient force to push enough blood

Pill is a smart opioid dispenser that provides patients, physicians and pharmacists with a low cost tool to address the opioid crisis.

The rehabilitation of physical therapy

From thinking outside the box, to thinking about the box

"Caregivers today have tremendous responsibilities and are in need of support."

The Ziivaa™ belt offers a drug-free and non-invasive solution to a global problem.

The MedPod is a portable dispenser of pre-sorted and customized medicine.

ROBRADY developed a system that works in harmony and maintains a consistent visual brand.

ROBRADY developed several concept sketches to tell a story and visualize a new venture.

ROBRADY’s collaboration with LifeSync yielded the first electrocardiogram (ECG) monitor to use Bluetooth technology.

ROBRADY design collaborated with a start-up company to develop a medical exercise device.