ROBRADY design developed a plan for revitalizing the spring coiler with a brand defining design.

Complementing the exo-suit, the FORTIS tool arm device is as much an extension of the suit as the suit is of the wearer.

FORTIS’ lightweight frame gives users the ability to “suit up” and get to work with virtually no learning curve.

Integral for delivering portable energy, the Solar Tracker can go from case to operational in under 15 minutes.

When rigor is routine, a product that can withstand extraordinary punishment should be commonplace.

With population expansion and economic growth, comes high demand for innovative farm equipment.

Though it weighs less than 100 pounds, the Wizard gives one person enough pulling power to move two SUVs.

Veeco needed a look for its Nexus line of etching devices that cut a figure in the market place.

The ROBRADY design team delivered two 500-watt fuel cells and one hydrogen-operated 150-watt fuel cell.

ROBRADY design facilitated a production program that resulted in a cost-effective, brand-defining design.

The specific challenge involved extrapolating Parker's branding mission to a physical, progressive design.