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    Medical Packaging Design

    Does Packaging Contain Your Product…Or Constrain It?

Packaging That Considers Both Product and Process

Exceptional packaging starts from a deep understanding of the product and how it’s used. Our multi-disciplinary team explores comprehensive user experiences, compelling structures, and sustainable materials to optimize for costs, manufacturability, and brand-building design presence.

User Friendly Because It’s Use-Friendly

Packaging isn’t just the box that gets a product to your customer. Our packaging solutions feature intuitive configurations that are well-organized and easy to access, creating a more effective and efficient user experience that extends beyond unpacking and enhances product function.

Simple ≠ Easy

A solution that looks good reduces material costs and saves valuable time doesn’t just happen. It’s the result of design exploration, prototyping, and testing – over and over again. For the XCELL kit project, our team created packaging utilizing vacuum-formed molds to securely group components and arrange them logically to be accessible sequentially during the procedure – by design. The outcome was elegant packaging specifically suited for a medical environment that increased user experience and confidently streamlined operation.

Packaging That Opens Possibilities

At ROBRADY, design thinking means understanding all the stakeholders, the product system, and their functions at a DNA level. We then combine this knowledge and the expertise of our award-winning studio to deliver unexpected solutions to exceed expectations.

Don’t settle for packaging that sells your product short. Contact ROBRADY today to learn how our design solutions can expand the possibilities for your medical products.