• ROBRADY process

    The ROBRADY Process

    How We get from Research to Reality.

Design Research

Research is crucial to the success of new product, packaging, user experience, and brand. ROBRADY focuses on humanizing design thru the uncovering of un-met consumer and end-user needs.

Concept Development

Based on your product’s features and attributes, we create concepts imagery ranging from “mild to wild.” This broad array of options ensures our clients have the best solutions to choose from.

Prototype Development

Concept functionality checks are often necessary at points in the design process. “Proof of concept” models provide early-stage validation. Realistic production-intent prototypes can prove a design or identify problem areas before committing to tooling.

Project Engineering

As the saying goes: success is 5% inspiration, 95% perspiration. At ROBRADY design, that perspiration is seen in rigorous testing, research, and engineering that makes sure that when our clients catch lightning in a bottle, it’s more than a flash in the pan.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

How a product is made and how it is put together have an enormous impact on its overall market success. For example, designs that consider the property of materials from various tolerances to weight or durability can eliminate a host of potential problems before they even arise. By carefully examining these factors, we strive to maximize efficiency and economy of production while reducing costly mistakes and redesigns… it’s all about ROI.


Our extensive relationships with suppliers and contract manufacturers both at home and abroad gives us a vast pool of talent to draw from to ensure the best fit for our clients and their timely needs. This is just one of many ways we manage costs, mitigate risk, manage security and maximize your ROI.