• Industrial Product Design

Humanizing Industrial Technology

Rugged Individualism Personified.

When developing products from concept to commercialization, ROBRADY thinks out of the box instead of settling for off-the-shelf. ROBRADY’s branded industrial solutions turn heads as well as profits.

Design for Safety

You have to know the rules before you can win the game.

From day one, ROBRADY makes sure all regulatory standards are completely understood. From OSHA to UL to CE, we collaboratively identify the applicable codes and integrate them into our design thinking to deliver compliance and safety that’s seamless. A positive—as well as productive—user experience promotes higher adoption rates and safer work environments.

Design for Users

Technology that fits like a well-made suit.

ROBRADY humanizes technology. From screens to switches to safeguards, our team of designers and engineers collaborate to create ergonomic designs that can be rapidly prototyped, tested, and perfected. The result are machines that do more than assist, but augment and enhance the total user experience.

Design for Maintenance

If it doesn’t last, it gets lost.

Performance and longevity are paramount concerns in every ROBRADY design. We develop a comprehensive hierarchy, from the routine to the rare maintenance points, and engineer those areas to maximize access and efficiency while minimizing down time. In addition to what a machine does and how it does it, we also consider where and when it does it to makes sure it delivers maximum end-to-end performance.

Design for Manufacturing

Size does matter. And so does volume.

At ROBRADY, design thinking goes beyond what you make to how you’ll make it. Material and manufacturing specs vary significantly depending on size and annual volume, and on whether it’s a one-off or a full production. Our team has over two decades of experience matching the process to the machine to create the most effective design along with the most efficient and economical approach.

Design for Business

Who says utilitarian can’t be unique?

Visual brand language (VBL) isn’t just for the end cap. From the color palette to the shape of a machine, industrial design communicates a company’s values and quality as a “first read.” That visual cohesiveness is what connects a product line to create a brand that builds trust. Whether it’s designing or refining, ROBRADY’s design thinking keeps your business in mind.