• AugmentedRX

    Medication Adherence Made Fun

Medication adherence is a serious and constant challenge in the medical marketplace. AugmentedRX combines innovative technologies coupled with the gamification of engaging content to deliver a revolutionary solution. By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and optical character recognition (OCR), AugmentedRX enhances the connection between users and their prescriptions and increases user investment with entertaining and interactive experiences that lead to greater compliance.

Prescriptions Users Can Play

AugmentedRX’s AR and AI technologies can enhance medication adherence to unprecedented levels by gamifying the experience of taking medicine. With customizable avatars, entertaining graphics and goal-based interactive storylines, AugmentedRX increases user motivation. Exciting images and content transform medication adherence into an engaging metaphor.

Writing a New Chapter in Medication Adherence

An innovative approach to user compliance is now made possible through a combination of innovative technologies in AugmentedRX.

Revolutionary Technology, Revolutionary Solutions

Optical character recognition allows AugmentedRX to read prescription labels which can then be paired with AR tags on users’ medicines regardless of the type of dispenser. Artificial intelligence allows AugmentedRX to coach users about their prescriptions, reminding users when to take which medicine, and when refills are due. By strengthening the relationship between users and their medicine, AugmentedRX promotes stronger user investment in medication adherence. Augmented Reality creates engaging visual interaction that drives improved compliance.

Greater Connections Leads to Greater Outcomes

AugmentedRX not only strengthens the connection between users and their medication but with the caregivers and other loved ones invested in the patient. Greater, more timely information about user compliance is available to physicians and family members, allowing earlier intervention whenever there is an interruption in medication adherence.

Connect with AugmentedRX and shape the future of medication adherence.