• Consumer Product Design

From Research To Retail

Make your mark in the marketplace.

ROBRADY draws on over two decades of design expertise and market insights to develop innovative solutions that humanize technology. From first meetings through product launch, we base our approach on “Design Thinking”—empathy for the entire context of a problem—to create iconic concepts and optimized user experiences, increase speed-to-market, and deliver dramatic market impact and ROI.


Taking the steps, taking out the missteps

Path-to-market success means seeing the pitfalls, roadblocks, and detours along the way and having a plan to navigate them. From initial opportunity exploration to assessing the competition and learning from solutions in other industries, ROBRADY brings comprehensive and inspired design thinking to each project to determine not only how to make the product, but how best to make the product.


The end-user is just the beginning

At ROBRADY, we listen to the voice of the customer as well as those often unheard voices that impact a product’s success. Whether it’s an animal that can’t explain their preference for one pet product over another, or the buyers, manufacturers, and retailers who make and move the product, ROBRADY applies this input from the earliest prototypes through the final decisions about visual brand language (VBL) to create a superior user experience.

Value Proposition

The ROBRADY advantage

Design thinking gives our integrated team empathy for the entire context of a problem. It allows our industrial designers, mechanical/electrical/software engineers, graphic and interactive designers, and rapid prototype fabricators the opportunity to take what we’ve learned, highlight the mission-critical objectives, and deliver a solution that’s on target.