• PILL Smart Opioid Dispenser

    Stop the start of opioid addiction.

The PILL Development Group was formed in 2018 to design, develop and launch PILL - a smart opioid dispenser that safely controls the time between doses in support of establishing patient efficacy via behavioral research studies. The goal of PILL, which is an acronym for Prescribed Interval Limit Lock, is to make a long term positive change to the opioid epidemic.

While PDG believes treatment is vital for addressing opioid addiction, we also believe stopping it before it starts is the key to solving the problem.


We're in the middle of a war.

Addiction is one of the greatest - if not the greatest - health crisis of our time.

Drug overdoses are now the #1 cause of unintentional death in the United States.

- Dr. Sanja Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN


When a person first takes an opioid, it muffles their perception of pain and boosts feelings of pleasure, creating a temporary but powerful sense of well-being.

As the dose wears off, they often want those feelings back, as soon as possible.

This is the first milestone on the path toward potential addiction.

- Mayo Clinic Staff, "How opioid addiction occurs", mayoclinic.org

    Benefits of using the PILL system

    User Benefits

    1. Closed loop system removes unused opioids from homes / waste streams
    2. Controls Rx regimen to enhance patient adherence / compliance
    3. Extends MD / PharmD PDMP reach into patients’ homes

    Pharma Benefits

    1. Provides data streams of patient behavior (discrete and meta)
    2. Flexibility to support simple or complex regimens and quantities
    3. Electronics are reused to greatly reduce overall system cost
    4. Stakeholders alerted early to non-adherence / compliance

    Issued by a Pharmacist

    PILL is a Tamper Evident Dispenser.

    At the FDA, we believe one of our key roles in addressing the opioid epidemic is to reduce new addiction.

    We're also actively exploring how we can use changes in packaging as a way to give providers better options for tailoring how much they prescribe to the clinical need.

    - Dr. Scott Gottlieb, M.D., Former United States Commissioner of Food and Drugs

    With a Plan for Every Tablet

    PILL Safely Controls the Time Between any Two Doses

    Addiction is a complex disease with many faces. No man, no woman, and no one organization can defeat it alone. I hope that every American will join us to work together to end the addiction before it starts.

    - Jerome M. Adams, M.D., Surgeon General of the United States

    Adherence Monitoring Made Simple

    PILL Provides a Clear Picture of Efficacy … at the Per Pill Level.

    PILL Wireless Updates | ROBRADY design

    Made Up of Just a Few Components

    PILL is Designed to be a Low Cost Effective Solution

    Where We’re Going Now

    Tooling and Testing to Launch Behavioral Research

    We have one awarded patent and four more pending.

    Our mechanical, electrical, UX / software engineering, and functional Proof of Concept prototypes are complete.

    Now, we're ready for tooling and performance testing, taking the bold next steps on our path to launch third party behavioral research that will help us define and optimize PILL for the fight against the opioid addiction crisis…and beyond.

    Connect With Pill

    PILL is seeking like-minded individual and institutional partners to bring this smart system to market as soon as possible.


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    Multiple Patents Issued.

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