• SpectroFlow

    Re-shaping Lymphedema Care

Lymphedema (LE), the buildup of interstitial fluid, is an incurable disease related to breast cancer that afflicts 90 million people, causing excruciating pain, infection, and immobility of affected areas. Studies show 75% of cancer patients suffer anxiety over LE, yet most report only being able to see their clinicians a few times a year for monitoring. The SpectroFlow Orb is a solution designed to help patients get their preclinical monitoring in hand.

Measurable Improvement

Currently, most clinicians surveyed rely on a tape measure to monitor interstitial fluid levels, a procedure less than 20% consider accurate. A more convenient, reliable alternative, the Orb is a non-invasive device that guides patients through readings at five key points along the arm from the wrist to the elbow. Measurements can be taken at any time, as often as desired, and provide significantly more accurate data.

Clinician Driven, Patient Friendly

Following each reading, the Orb can wirelessly transmit data to the user’s mobile device as well as their physician, eliminating the need for in-office monitoring. This unprecedented level of communication between users and their healthcare professionals is critical for early detection—and potential prevention—of this devastating condition.

A Well-Rounded Solution

The Orb is designed for easy use and maintenance. The curved housing and textured silicone surface promote easy cleaning and give a comfortable, secure grip. The aesthetic design features an elegant interface comprising a power button integrated into the device’s skin and a simple light ring that provides status updates and guides users through the monitoring process.

The Orb Standard

The SpectroFlow Orb is designed to enhance the user experience, increase the frequency and quality of monitoring data, and improve compliance resulting in better patient outcomes. When not in use, the Orb and its charging dock are designed to look as at home as any other item, with a form that complements and even conceals its function, effortlessly integrating into a user’s lifestyle.

Connect with SpectroFlow and shape the future of Lymphedema monitoring.