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    Innovation Principles

    Explore how ROBRADY applies four fundamental design principles to create groundbreaking products.

Question the Question

Questioning Limits to Transform Products

10% More Rule

Exceeding Program Expectations

Humanize Technology

Technology with Empathy

Be a Category Leader

Setting New Standards: Shaping Perceptions, Leading Innovation

Question the Question

Questioning Limits to Transform Aquatic Training

The collaboration between GMX7 and ROBRADY to revolutionize aquatic resistance training began with recognizing the shortcomings of existing resistance training equipment. The apparatus, known for its large size, high cost, and limited resistance capabilities, provided only single-direction resistance.

ROBRADY, following our innovation principles, chose to question these limitations and saw an opportunity to deliver a solution that transcended traditional methods. With this directive as the starting point, they embarked on a journey of innovation guided by their commitment to challenge the status quo and cultivate curiosity.


red dot  GOOD DESIGN  International Design Award (IDA) 2020 GOLD  international design excellence awards  Muse Design Award 2020  america by design  america by design finalist  CBS logo  


Through rigorous research, iterative prototyping, and collaborative refinement, they developed the X1-PRO—a compact, versatile device representing a paradigm shift in aquatic resistance training. Offering bi-directional resistance and on-the-go adjustability, the X1-PRO has surpassed the expectations of athletes and trainers alike, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.

Thanks to the partnership between GMX7 and ROBRADY, the X1-PRO has emerged as a transformative tool that empowers athletes to reach their full potential in the water.


Market Adoption

175+ Olympians, including Caleb Dressel and Ryan Lochte

35% of DI, II, and III swim programs

Reigning gold standard for aquatic resistance training


The X1-PRO has become the undisputed gold standard in aquatic resistance training, making it into a resounding victory for athletes worldwide.

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10% More Rule

Exceeding Expectations: Elevating Every Step

In an accelerated scenario requiring high-quality results, ROBRADY exceeded client expectations with the development of the FORTIS Exoskeleton. The design solution surpassed prevailing industry standards, delivered value, and contributed to the client's achievement of an award-winning, novel product.


    red dot award 2015    red dot concept 2015    good design awards     spark award



The FORTIS exoskeleton is unique for its ergonomic innovations that enhance user mobility and provide a superior fit, enabling users to suit up independently. Notably, the redesign of the foot area grounded users more naturally, adapting to varied terrains and movements.

Emphasizing biomechanical precision and critical joint functionality through a human-centric design approach, the FORTIS exoskeleton established a new standard in exoskeleton technology.

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Humanize Technology

Technology with Empathy: Building Bonds Beyond the Mechanical

ROBRADY's collaboration with MYOLYN created the award-winning MyoCycle, a revolutionary FES Cycling Therapy System. Beyond functionality, ROBRADY's humanizing technology approach transformed the MyoCycle into more than just a piece of equipment; it became a source of empowerment and emotional connection for users.

By designing a leaner sports aesthetic and easy-to-operate arms for wheelchair attachment, ROBRADY shifted the focus from disability to possibility. The result? Customers experienced newfound confidence, independence, and even love for their MyoCycle, as it improved their physical health and uplifted their spirits, embodying the essence of award-winning humanized technology.


Market Adoption Statistics

1.4 billion total muscle contractions

113,000 hours of exercise

1.5 million miles cycled

10.4 million total calories burned


The impact of good design on human lives is unmistakable.

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Be a Category Leader

Setting New Standards: Shaping Perceptions, Leading Innovation

The collaboration between AYRO and ROBRADY to develop the AYRO Vanish has set a new standard for innovation and category leadership in the low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) market. Embodying the ethos of SchlägerNull™, Vanish represents a paradigm shift in sustainability, design, and performance.

ROBRADY's commitment to fostering innovation and environmental responsibility, coupled with AYRO's bold vision, has resulted in a vehicle that redefines success and transforms industry standards.  With its zero-emission lithium-powered drive, reconfigurable payload platform, and whisper-quiet motor, Vanish excels in both efficiency and eco-consciousness.


Red Dot Product Award AYRO Vanish          frost and sullivan award 2023        good design award 2023         European Product Design Awards 2023


Honored with prestigious awards like the Red Dot Award for Product Design and the Frost and Sullivan North American New Product Innovation Award, Vanish stands out for its adaptable configurations and substantial reductions in weight, operating expenses, and size compared to traditional counterparts.

This collaboration exemplifies a bold pivot towards green innovation, showcasing a nature-focused design that minimizes environmental impact while maximizing performance and utility.

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