• Myocycle Home

    The rehabilitation of physical therapy

Many physical therapy bikes just take a patient’s legs along for the ride, but MYOLYN’s MyoCycle uses functional electric stimulation (FES) that actually puts leg muscles to work. This innovative approach, achieved with muscle stimulation via sensor pads on the body, offers a superior workout and solution for muscle atrophy for spinal injury patients.

After the MyoCycle’s initial success in rehab centers, it was time to develop a model for home use. And, understanding the value of good design, MYOLYN knew it was time to contact ROBRADY.

ROBRADY’s approach began with a step back. Developing an empathy for the entire context of the problem, ROBRADY saw the solution was as much about the experience as the equipment. Among concepts designed to ensure proper sensor pad placement or foot positioning, ROBRADY worked with MYOLYN’s engineers to develop easy-to-operate arms that secured a user’s wheelchair to the MyoCycle during therapy, and other features that focused users on their workout instead of their disability.

ROBRADY also replaced the institutional styling also with a leaner, sports aesthetic that included bold colors and graphics, and mounts for a water bottle and tablets to complement the work-out. These features emphasize a look that’s less physical therapy and more Peloton!

ROBRADY and MYOLYN understand that physical therapy is more than just going through the motions and the design of the MyoCycle Home reflects a humanized technology that stimulates the spirit as well as the body.