Medical Product Design

Medical Product Development
Creating Meaningful Healthcare Innovation

Developing successful medical products starts with understanding the needs of the users and stakeholders.

Design Research + Strategy
Ethnographic Methods, Actionable Insights

ROBRADY humanizes medical industrial design by focusing on the people who use the products. We find opportunities, explore concepts, chart development roadmaps, generate product design, and then test prototypes that will become production-ready medical products.

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Consumer Products Enhanced By Medical Device Design

Understanding that patients are still consumers helps us deliver innovations that adapt to the constantly changing needs and objectives of all healthcare stakeholders.

Risk Mitigation
Bold Product Design That Plays It Safe
FDA Oversight
Medical product development meets ISO compliance before FDA submission

3rd Party Validation
In healthcare, time isn’t just money, it’s lives. Our new paradigm of product design oversight puts solutions on the market that save all three.

HE 75 Compliance
Meeting and exceeding Rehabilitation Act standards for human factors engineering in medical product design maximizes ROI while minimizing risk.
User Compliance
Medical Industrial Design that Makes It Easy to Follow Doctor’s Orders
Aging Population
An older population needs medical products designed to provide simple solutions.

Unhealthy Lifestyle
Medical devices that fit seamlessly into a daily routine are most effective against obesity, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases.

Personal Responsibility
Medical products that are easy to use help turn patients into participants in their own healthcare.
Encourage Brand Loyalty
It’s nice to be known, but better to be wanted.
Ease/Sequence Of Use
Our medical device design combines elegant, efficient solutions into products as simple as the box they come in.

Community Connection
ROBRADY’s medical industrial design creates solutions that foster consistent, affirming experiences by considering how users interact with people as well as products.

IP Protected by Positive Experiences
By integrating aesthetic form and reliable function into our design, ROBRADY creates medical products that capture hearts as well as market share.