• Capabilites

Industrial Design

Successful industrial design is the nexus of art and science, combining engineering with emotional response, manufacturing with marketing, and form with function. The power of industrial design is the ability to humanize product design and breathe life into brilliant concepts.

Product and Market Research

Using a designer’s eye, we think comparatively and competitively to find the best solution.

Concept Development

Based on your product's needs and attributes, we create concepts imagery ranging from "mild to wild".

Photoreal Rendering

Visual communication goes a long way to establish belief in your concept.

Ergonomic Design

Whether handled in the factory or the showroom, your product needs to be humanized at an early stage.

Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Software

ROBRADY appreciates the synergy between design and engineering inherent in every successful product. From the first sketches through the final roll-out, our team continually evaluates both engineering and process to ensure we’re meeting all regulatory standards from ASME to UL while also delivering effective solutions to satisfy the needs and desires of the marketplace.

Digital Modeling

Employing a wide array of state-of-the-art software, we can create incredibly detailed models and surfaces in 3D.

Analysis and Testing

Inherent in the our philosophy is an appreciation for the synergy between design and mechanical aspects of a product.

Design for Manufacturing

How a product is made and how it is put together have an enormous impact on its overall market success.

Electrical Engineering

With software such as Altium Designer, we can handle circuit board design and layout.

Rapid Prototyping + CNC Machining

At ROBRADY, our multi-disciplinary culture and design thinking methodology shapes everything we do. Each iteration combines our engineering and design expertise into highly efficient and cost-effective prototypes—from fast-turn ergonomic models used for validation to more polished versions that offer a look at the finished product to come.

Ergonomic Studies

We use various materials such as clay, foam or 3D Prints to study how form will facilitate function.

Form Studies

The additive and subtractive nature of the clay modeling process means that we can handle even the most complex modeling.

Proof of Concept

While not sexy, these models are critical for examining a concept’s functionality.

Test Models

These models embody form and function and have a variety of major advantages.

Graphic + Interactive Design

User interface and user experience (UI/UX) is a critical feature of instrumentation and visual displays in everything from cars to marine craft to industrial equipment, down to your smart phone app. Our expertise in graphic and interactive design also includes an understanding of the growing impact that VR, AR, and MR technology has on human-machine interface (HMI). This allows ROBRADY to stay at the forefront of a constantly evolving field of design.

Product Graphics

We start on day one to ensure your product excites the eye and the imagination.

User Experience (UX)

All experiences start centered on the user's needs.

Interface Design

We work to create interfaces that are both extensions of the user and easy on the eyes.

Packaging Design

ROBRADY’s comprehensive packaging design considers logistics as well as looks.

Program Management

We manage every aspect of design, development, and production. From product requirements to resource allocation, we establish clear objectives and deliverables, set sustainable timelines and effective metrics so our internal and external stakeholders can measure the success of ROBRADY’s research to reality process.


While project managers are the primary client liaisons, we welcome client participation at every project stage.

One Stop vs. One Size Fits All

The client is an integral part of ROBRADY’s formula for success.

Quality Control

ROBRADY espouses the KAIZEN philosophy of continuous improvement.

Risk Mitigation

Whether a low or high volume project, we manage every factor of the production process.