• Demo Kit Design

GE Leverages ROBRADY to Sell Imagination

Communicating value and increasing sales is no accident. It’s done by design.

ROBRADY design helps GE Security connect to customers using dynamic and targeted presentation displays.

From the opening of the door to the closing of the deal, the ruggedized system’s quick and trouble-free setup keeps the focus where it belongs—on the client. Every day, branded solutions for Alliance™, DirecDoor™, Telligence™, Tellergy™, Smart Command™, Vigilant™, EST™ and FireworX™ products make the difference and make the sale.

Adaptive Security Demo Alliance™

Personalize the experience

Innovative design responds to client needs.

The Alliance™ intelligent security display delivers made-to-order value to GE clients through tailored presentations, no matter if their institution’s denominations are spiritual or financial.

The innovation is a revolutionary magnetic front display system that showcases the rock-solid GE security system in any client venue through a series of easily interchangeable graphic appliqués.

Interactive Security Demo DirecDoor™

Communicate the value

One simple display for communicating a complex system is the design for real customer value.

The new GE DirecDoor™ Security display integrates control of video, access and intrusion devices into a single arrangement – displaying the power of the total hardware and software solution. 

The base design can also be expanded and reconfigured to meet the needs of the most unique situation or the most discriminating client.

Dynamic Healthcare Communication Demo Telligence™

Design a powerful experience

ROBRADY displays do more than present products – they build connections.

The elegance and usability of the GE system required an equally elegant presentation. ROBRADY design’s display for GE Security’s Telligence™ system presents sophisticated VoIP technology with a simple, color-coded setup. When in the field, the most important connections aren’t with wires, but with clients.

GE EST3 Demo Kit

Mass Notification Demo EST3-Sixty™

From Research to Reality

The EST3-Sixty™ Mass Notification/Emergency Communication System (MNEC) is a robust, field-proven crisis management asset. The MNEC demo kit presents the system’s communications capabilities through commercial, industrial, educational and military application examples. Boasting interval VOIP, paging, fire alarm and e-communication systems in a multi-tiered display, the MNEC demo kit has the muscle and the scalability to put any 
size audience in the palm of your hand.

EST SAS Fire Panel Demo Kit

Fire Safety Demo SAS Fire Panel

Bring It All to the Table

The Small Analog Fire Panel Sales display makes it easy to deliver a full field demonstration anywhere, anytime. This fully functional system features multiple appliances, signaling devices, a remote annunciator–even its own building. Once in place, the color-coded cables make setup easy so that no time is wasted firing up the demonstration or the audience.

Smoke Detection Demo Signature Series

See the Threat Before It Becomes One

This demonstration tool clearly communicates the various characteristics of combustion. The pairing of detector and PC in this elegant design projects the dynamic sensor output to the audience. Interchangeable winged plates provide clear, detailed information on the detector while the translucent central chamber holds optic reducing smoke that can be lit to vividly enhance demonstrations

Product Design Fire Products

Blazing the Trail

ROBRADY has provided GE with award-winning concept designs for fire system equipment. The progressive UI layouts and iconic curved design of the Vigilant SAS fire panel garnered the ISC-West Industry Innovation Award. Complementing the fire panel, ROBRADY took the device detection group to the next level with a high function external housing concept that blends the unit seamlessly into its environment.