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    Scoop Jack

    Powerlift Your Product to a Stronger Market Position

Anyone who uses nutritional supplements knows all too well the aggravation of digging through a protein powder tub in search of the elusive – and often buried – scoop!

Adding ScoopJack as an innovative part of your packaging eliminates the mess and frustration of tub rummaging for your consumers and sets your products apart from the competition.

Get The Scoop on a Stick

Scoop Jack lifts any type of scoop to the top of any container, securing it in place no matter how intensely it’s shaken. Customers reaching for the scoop will easily find a convenient, mess-free, and hygienic experience every time.

The Swole-mate to Your Supplement Packaging

An easily integrated solution, Scoop Jack can be produced in various colors and sizes to complement your existing packaging – with zero changes to your current packaging. The intuitive design delivers a consumer experience unique to the supplement market.

Patent Pending

Contact ROBRADY today to learn how ScoopJack’s superior solution to the powder plume can help strengthen brand affinity and put your nutritional supplements above the competition.

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Business Development Manager
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