• Marine Product Design

Just Add Water

Power Defined.

From paddleboats to powerboats, it’s not the size of the craft that matters, but the quality of the craftsmanship. ROBRADY knows marine design inside and out and tailors solutions that make waves in the marketplace and the water.


Defining the Shapes to Come

At ROBRADY, marine design is about more than how the hull, transom, or bow work together. It’s about the interplay of all the external elements and how they flow with the internal ones. With an eye toward a streamlined and cost-effective manufacturing process, our designs move as rapidly through production schedules as they do through the water.


How To Win A Game of Inches

ROBRADY understands that space aboard a ship comes at a premium. Our exacting and efficient approach to marine design reconciles cargo-nomics with ergonomics creating more room for storage and greater capacity for fun. With interior layouts that can morph to fit the moment, we deliver a superior passenger experience, whether for travel, leisure, or play.

Color and Graphics

Add a Splash of Color

Color and graphics packages are more than showroom sizzle; they help boost ROI. Like a rudder, a well-designed livery can deliver maximum impact from a small degree of change. C & G keeps products fresh and distinctive across model years while sending a clear, consistent brand message to the market and consumers.


Motion For the Ocean

ROBRADY’s years of experience and expertise working with engine manufacturers are a critical part of our marine product design. From cowling to mounting that’s tailored to different propulsion systems, we deliver the designs that will move you.