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    Fenn FZ-11 Spring Coiler

    ROBRADY design developed a plan for revitalizing the spring coiler with a brand defining design.

The Fenn-Torin spring coiler, though still an important machine for producing springs with a myriad of industrial applications, needed a brand overhaul for its 50-year-old design. After touring the facility, interviewing all stakeholders and working closely with Fenn-Torin engineers and sales/marketing personnel, ROBRADY design developed a plan for revitalizing the spring coiler with a redesign that integrated existing time-tested mechanical configurations with a refreshed, functional and cost effective brand defining design. New forms, materials, colors and graphic elements combined to reflect the company’s new logo and persona. A trio of black, red, and gray colors announced a vital, rugged and Made in America product.

The cleaner look concealed hinges and maximized access areas while integrated and manufacturable curves softened the previously boxy shape. Minimized and re-engineered polycarbonate safety guards replaced earlier, cumbersome guards that operators always removed. Significant design time was focused on the new safety guards - the ergonomically derived shields and repositioned pivot points encouraged greater safety without hindering operation in order to increase user adoption. An added tool tray, suggested from stakeholder interviews, increases functionality, ergonomics and efficiency. Working together, these design elements not only put a spring back in the step of a vital industrial machine’s brand identity and they did it at reduced cost!

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