• APEX Biologix

    Packaging for the XCELL Bone Marrow Aspirate System

Spark Design Award Winner Gold

Part and Parcel of Design Thinking

When APEX Biologix, a leader in regenerative medicine, rebooted the packaging for its XCELL BMC kits, they worked closely with ROBRADY to achieve a design solution that considered both the parts and the process of the complex diagnostic procedure.

The XCELL bone marrow diagnostics system includes two kits (BMC and BMA) that comprise numerous components. However, the end goal was more than just attractive brand packaging to hold parts, but an efficient, impactful solution that anticipated the needs of physicians while enhancing their experience.

A lot goes into what comes out

Driving the redesign was an appreciation not only of what instruments had to fit inside the kits, but also how they had to come out. The vacuum-formed mold created chambers that grouped items based on the order of operations, making them easily accessible as they were needed. This saved critical time and helped reduce potential errors. Additionally, non-sterile items were housed in an exterior well, keeping them separate from sterile items organized inside under a peel-away seal.

The XCELL packaging also anticipated the physician’s environment. While the easy lift-out trays could hold contents during the diagnostic procedure, they also fit readily upon existing surgical trays or other surfaces. 

To simplify and reduce inventory, the individual BMC and BMA kits were re-designed with symmetrical packaging that allowed the kits to be combined or sold separately while communicating a clear and concise brand identity.

With the new design finalized, 3D print tests helped achieve a precise fit that guaranteed the components stayed secure within the vacuum-formed mold while still being easy to remove.

ROBRADY integrated industrial and user experience design, graphic design, and mechanical engineering to deliver an end-to-end complete and ready for production solution that acknowledges the importance of time and efficiency to a complex diagnostic procedure. The repackaging of the XCELL BMC System celebrates form, enhances function, and represents the company’s increased value in the marketplace.