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    OralKleen Convenience Kit

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For patients on ventilators without the ability to expectorate or brush their teeth, Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) is a serious risk that can lead to extended hospital stays, longer ventilator time, increased hospital expenses, and higher mortality rates. OralKleen envisioned a care kit to give nurses the next-generation tools necessary to fight the bacterial infection behind VAP. OralKleen turned to ROBRADY to help make this vision a reality.

A Battle Plan Against Bacteria

With guidance from the nurses most familiar with the challenges of caring for dependent patients, informed clear project objectives and began the iterative process to create a sustainable, recyclable system that met all regulatory standards while providing a comprehensive, six-point solution for fighting oral bacteria. Materials were selected for durability, and sustainability in a hospital setting and rigorous testing with 3D prototypes ensured optimal functionality.

Retooling the Toothbrush

Central to the Oral Care Convenience (OCC) Kit is a first-of-its-kind oscillating toothbrush that integrates suction and lighting into a single device to simplify and improve cleaning. Fluid, air, and waste travel through a channel within the brush, and an ergonomically designed port controls continuous suction from a standard hospital hose. The soft silicone suction nozzle not only prevents patient injury but also ensures optimal suction due to its positioning. Twin LEDs built into the toothbrush deliver maximum illumination in the oral cavity, eliminating any shadows that could be caused by the toothbrush itself. This ensures that the user benefits from maximum visibility during the cleaning process, allowing for thorough and precise oral care.

A Single-Handed Solution

The combined cleaning, suction, and lighting features are enhanced by a smooth, textured silicone sheath that ensures a secure grip, even when wet. This makes easy, one-handed operation possible, even in tight spaces obstructed by ventilation tubes.

No Line Between Product and Packaging

The new OCC Kit design repurposes the conventional "open-and-discard" container as an efficient, reusable, and biodegradable toolbox. All contents are organized by priority in a durable container made of bagasse, a water-resistant sugarcane derivative. With ventilation holes to keep contents dry and a built-in hook that allows the kit to be hung bedside for ready access, the container is ideal for the hospital environment.

Strong Word of Mouth

The OCC Kit was an overwhelming success. 95% of caregivers preferred the OralKleen product, not only because it empowered them to deliver quality care but because its design saved time per treatment, reduced packaging volume by 80%, inventory space by 90%, and virtually eliminated product waste per patient.