• In-Ovation™ X bracket Container

    From thinking outside the box, to thinking about the box

From thinking outside the box, to thinking about the box

Dentsply Sirona is a leader in the dental care industry because of next-generation products like the In-Ovation™ X bracket, as well as their attention to detail, even down to the packaging. So, when they needed a container solution as efficient as it was eye-catching, they came to ROBRADY design.

While packaging is too often an afterthought, but ROBRADY’s design thinking transformed the In-Ovation™ X con inside and out, making it more than recyclable and reusable, but useful in the orthodontic procedure itself.

Inside, the brackets are organized on the interior tray to correspond with the quadrants of the mouth. Unlike other products on the market that compartmentalize the brackets, In-Ovation™ X brackets are arranged, properly oriented, and securely mounted with a high-contrast adhesive to maximize visibility and accessibility which saves time and reduces potential error. Built-in mixing reservoirs at either end of the tray eliminate the need for additional mixing receptacles.

Outside, the sleek, space-saving design takes up less room than candy bar and stacks for efficient storage. When in use, the rubberized, translucent cover slips off easily and re-attaches to the bottom of the case to hold everything securely during orthodontic procedures.

The In-Ovation ™ X Bracket Container is just one example of how ROBRADY’s empathy for the entire context of a problem can turn something merely incidental into something instrumental.