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    PILL Smart Opioid Dispenser

    Stop the start of opioid addiction

The best solutions come before the problem.


PILL, a smart opioid dispenser, provides patients, physicians and pharmacists with a low cost tool to address the prescription opioid crisis while simultaneously improving patient outcomes, decreasing costs to health insurers and industry providers.


PILL, issued by the pharmacist, contains the prescribed medication in the appropriate dosage in a low cost, tamper evident plastic container. The reuseable, ultra-low power E-ink screen displays prescription information, dosage time, QR codes, etc.


Integrated PDMP data capture is at the heart of how PILL revolutionizes the blending of patient-centric benefits with an unprecedented level of behavioral data collection. This extends prescriber intent to the patient’s point of use which provides all stakeholders with a clear picture of prescription use at a micro and macro level.

PILL Packaging | ROBRADY design
PILL Wireless Updates | ROBRADY design
PILL Exploded View | ROBRADY design

UX_Patient Experience Loop

PILL Patient Experience Loop UX | ROBRADY design

UX_PILL Assembly Loop

PILL Assembly Loop UX | ROBRADY design

Benefits of using the PILL system

User Benefits

  1. Closed loop system removes unused opioids from homes/ waste streams
  2. Controls Rx regimen to enhance patient adherence/compliance
  3. Extends MD/PharmD PDMP reach into patients’ homes

Pharma Benefits

  1. Provides data streams of patient behavior (discrete and meta)
  2. Flexibility to support simple or complex regimens and quantities
  3. Electronics are reused to reduce overall system cost
  4. Stakeholders alerted early to non-adherence/compliance
Benefits of using the PILL system | ROBRADY design