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    AYRO Vanish

    Low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) driven by SchlägerNull™

The AYRO Vanish low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) is driven by SchlägerNull™, the philosophy of traversing in a space neither altering it nor leaving any trace of presence. To reach this class-defining standard, Vanish takes a “clean sheet” approach to both design and performance.

ROBRADY takes great pride in collaborating with visionary teams such as AYRO to foster innovation and category leadership. We are committed to supporting environmentally smart projects that push the boundaries of what is possible.

- Rob Brady, CEO & Design Director of ROBRADY design

Defining Sustainability

Inspired by nature, Vanish is designed for minimal impact to the environment. The zero-emission Lithium-powered LSEV ranges over 50 miles and eliminates exuding toxins from steering and control systems. Additional features include a low thermal signature and large, contact patch soft tires to reduce contact pressure. Its situation-based and geomapped control system helps the LSEV navigate without impact. Its reconfigurable payload platform maximizes application reuse. The lightweight frame increases capacity, and the whisper-quiet motor disrupts nothing.

The Vanish is ideally sized to navigate resorts, campuses, and urban areas, both indoors and outdoors, with ease while carrying significant loads for last-mile distribution – tasks most competing vehicles are simply not equipped to handle.

Red Dot Product Award AYRO Vanish                             2023 Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award AYRO Vanish                       


AYRO has been honored with two prestigious awards in 2023, including the Red Dot Award for Product Design and the Frost and Sullivan North American New Product Innovation Award. The vehicle's adaptable configurations and weight reduction efforts were key factors in earning this recognition. Compared to small gas- or diesel-powered trucks or vans, the Vanish boasts impressive statistics, including a 50% reduction in weight, a nearly 49% reduction in annual operating expenses, and a 47% reduction in overall volume or size. These features allow the Vanish to maneuver in tight spaces and reach locations other LSVs cannot. 

Bold Pivot

The team overcame a unique challenge by boldly deciding to pivot and build a team and new platform from scratch. AYRO's goal was to design a product that would outshine others in the market, and do so right here in the U.S. Despite tight deadlines for design, engineering, and production, the team successfully created and launched a new platform in just 12 months. This is a significantly shorter period than the 3 to 4 years it would take a larger company to achieve a similar outcome.

Green Innovation

Sustainable and recyclable materials such as aluminum and bamboo chosen in the construction of the Vanish allow the client to create a durable, high-performance vehicle with aesthetic appeal. The production process is more efficient and results in minimal to no scrap waste. At the end of the product's lifespan, its component parts can easily be recycled or repurposed.

Nature-Focused Design

Through its product design and its production, the AYRO Vanish LSEV presents a novel and genuine alternative to conventional light to medium utility vehicles that pollute and physically damage the environment. Vanish is designed to address critical issues such as carbon emissions and environmental impact. In addition to exhaust-free operation, the vehicle's innovative electronic systems eliminate the need for toxic fluids conventionally used for control and steering systems. Electronic control of the motor, braking, and steering systems also prevents potential damage to turf, soil, and other surfaces by controlling the force generated from acceleration and braking. Complemented by the vehicle's large, compliant tires which minimize surface contact pressure and its low thermal signature, the Vanish achieves minimal disruption to its operating environment, including animal and plant life.

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