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    AYRO Vanish Wins Red Dot Award: Product Design

    Sustainable design leads to coveted international product design award.

AYRO Vanish named Red Dot Award Winner for Car Design

ROUND ROCK, Texas – April 11, 2023 –AYRO, Inc. (NASDAQ: AYRO) (“AYRO” or the “Company”), a designer and manufacturer of electric, purpose-built delivery vehicles and solutions for micro distribution, micromobility, and last-mile delivery, was named a 2023 Red Dot Award recipient for product design. The Red Dot Award is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon the best products each year in product design. For the 2023 edition, products were evaluated across 51 different categories, with a jury composed of 43 members tasked with selecting the most deserving designs. The jury assessed each product entry based on four principles of good design and their socio-cultural character, technical focus area, and design expertise to determine if they met the criteria for a Red Dot Award.  Winning a Red Dot Award is a testament to the exceptional quality of the product design and the unwavering commitment of the designers behind them.


We are honored to have received this award as it validates our efforts in bringing to market a low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) unlike any other available today. The award-winning 2023 AYRO Vanish stands alone as the premier vehicle in the LSEV space.

- Tom Wittenschlaeger, CEO at AYRO

AYRO has been honored with two prestigious awards in 2023, including the Red Dot Award for Product Design and Innovation and the Frost and Sullivan North American Product Innovation Award. Additionally, AYRO has secured multiple patents for the 2023 AYRO Vanish and has filed several others, along with numerous foundational patents in the field of sustainability.

Inspired by nature, the 2023 AYRO Vanish is designed for minimal impact to the environment. This new LSEV was built using the organization’s SchlägerNull™ approach, a design philosophy enabling the ability to exist in, traverse, or observe a physical space without altering it or leaving any trace of presence upon departure. The Vanish has several innovative features, including customizable and adaptable bed configurations, low thermal signature, large contact patch soft tires to reduce contact pressure, technologies eliminating toxins from steering and control systems, and a range of over 50 miles on a single charge from the vehicle’s lithium battery. The vehicle is built to navigate resorts, campuses and narrow urban streets easily while also carrying significant loads for meeting last-mile distribution challenges – features that most other electric vehicles are not able to handle. The vehicle has been developed in partnership with the award-winning product innovation firm ROBRADY design.

ROBRADY takes great pride in collaborating with visionary teams such as AYRO to foster innovation and category leadership. We are committed to supporting environmentally smart projects that push the boundaries of what is possible.

- Rob Brady, CEO & Design Director of ROBRADY design



The Red Dot Award received entries from 60 countries this year. Despite the variety of products submitted, all entries demonstrate exceptional design quality, as confirmed by an internationally respected and independent panel of experts.

As one of the largest design competitions in the world, the Red Dot Design Award receives approximately 20,000 entries annually.

About Red Dot

The Red Dot Design Award can look back on a more than 60-year history: 1955 was the first time a jury came together to evaluate the best designs of the time. In the 1990’s, Red Dot CEO, Professor Dr. Peter Zec, came up with the name and brand of the award. The coveted “Red Dot” award has become the highly regarded seal for outstanding design quality that is recognized worldwide. Award winners are presented in the yearbooks, museums, and online. For more information, visit red-dot.org


ROBRADY design is a multi-disciplined product design and development studio that offers its global client base progressive industrial design, mechanical design, and product engineering, graphics/packaging / UI-UX / web, market insights, brand, and retail development, complete rapid prototyping, and product program management. ROBRADY design offers comprehensive speed-to-market product solutions for start-ups to Fortune 100 by collaborating to identify the greatest areas of opportunity and producing innovative designs that drive profitable results. ROBRADY delivers design, production, and capital solutions to clients in support of their research-to-reality philosophy.

About AYRO

AYRO designs and produces zero-emission vehicles and systems that redefine the very nature of sustainability. Our goal is to craft solutions in a way that leaves minimal impact on not only carbon emissions but the space itself. From tire tread, fuel cells, sound, and even discordant visuals, we apply engineering and artistry to every element of our product mix. The AYRO Vanish is the first in this new product roadmap. For more information, visit ayro.com.

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