The FORTIS tool arm is a nimble extension to the Lockheed Martin FORTIS exoskeleton. Designed specifically for use with hand-held industrial tools, the lightweight, folded aluminum construction reduces pinch points and the user-selected stainless steel locking mechanisms provide greater safety by controlling unwanted movement.

Capable of supporting up to 36 pounds, the tool arm significantly reduces the metabolic burn rate that leads to fatigue, strain and other health issues. Multiple mounting options including the default mount on the exoskeleton or the optional FORTIS mounting bracket* which provides functionality in stationary work environments such as table tops or scaffolding.

A FORTIS gimbal is required for mounting tools to the arm.


Fortis Tool Arm


FORTIS Arm Reach Dimensions | ROBRADY design


The FORTIS gimbal attaches tools such as industrial grinders, sanders and riveters to the FORTIS tool arm. Available in small and medium sizes to accommodate most standard tools, the gimbal can also be customized for specific needs.

Each FORTIS gimbal kit includes straight, 90° and 135° angled heads for optimal tool positioning.

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FORTIS Gimbal | ROBRADY design