Fortis Exoskeleton

Sales and Support for FORTIS Exoskeleton
Lockheed Martin Licenses ROBRADY design to bring Commercial Product Expertise to FORTIS

“Our design and manufacturing partner ROBRADY is ideally positioned to offer FORTIS solutions to industrial users,” said Keith Maxwell, FORTIS program manager at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. “They have a strong reputation for understanding and meeting industrial customer needs.”

FORTIS is an unpowered, lightweight exoskeleton that increases an operator’s strength and endurance by transferring the weight of heavy loads from the operator’s body directly to the ground through a series of joints at the hips, knees and ankles. FORTIS has been recognized with seven International design awards including Red Dot’s Best of the Best, Green Good Design Award, SPARK and The Icon Award. Recently, the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences concluded that the FORTIS exoskeleton could mitigate nearly all injuries from industrial power tools by making them effectively weightless during operation.

Available Products:

  • FORTIS Exoskeleton
  • FORTIS Arm
  • FORTIS Gimbal (S, M, L and Specialty)
  • FORTIS Pads