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    Ziivaa Product Packaging

    The Ziivaa belt is a breakthrough alternative for alleviating menstrual discomfort. So how did ROBRADY develop packaging for such a revolutionary product?

Everything goes into the packaging before anything goes in the box

The Ziivaa belt, a breakthrough alternative for alleviating menstrual discomfort is a fast-acting, non-invasive and drug-free answer to women's pain. So how did ROBRADY develop packaging for such a revolutionary product? They started by listening, then by opening a conversation that went beyond product to potential.

Ever notice we have two ears but only one mouth?

Effective communication begins with empathetic listening. In close collaboration with the Ziivaa team, ROBRADY sought input from suppliers and regulatory agencies. Through Ziivaa’s countless Voice of Customer sessions, focus groups and extensive market research, ROBRADY understood the message objectives. This meant the design message needed to be understanding, emotional and informative. It needed to see beyond the pain to the possibilities.


"Packaging must do more than talk about a product; it should speak to the customer." - Rob Brady


The voice and visuals of the Ziivaa packaging work together to create a relationship that focuses consumer thinking beyond the product's function to their own possibilities. From the moment a woman opens the box to the point after she removes the product, a message is communicated.

Ziivaa greets the customer with a simple and encouraging phrase, “That was painless.” From here the experience continues on an emotional level. Contours instead of corners in the design that hold the product securely suggest gentle strength. The soothing tone-on-tone color of the 100% recyclable box also responds to customers' desires for simple, environmentally responsible packaging. In fact, the elegant yet sturdy box, constructed without plastics or foam, can easily be re-tailored for foreign markets before shipping and repurposed for uses around the home or office after purchase.

The end result of ROBRADY’s collaboration with Ziivaa on packaging not only reflects a genuine conversation with those engaged, invested and empowered with the product, it invites those same individuals to open a conversation…as well as a box.