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    Yamaha 255 XD Jet Boat

    The Jetboat, Evolved

Yamaha watercraft have always been “next level,” but with the new 255 XD Jet Boat, they intended to change the game altogether. Driven by the vision, inspired by the challenge, ROBRADY came aboard for one of its most exciting projects yet.

Yamaha trusts ROBRADY because we consider how even the smallest of design details impact the overall user experience.

—Rob Brady

Formidable Follows Function

To redesign Yamaha’s popular 24-foot craft, it wasn’t enough to just build on what already was. The ROBRADY team scrutinized the jet boat down to its DNA, gaining both an appreciation of what made it Yamaha, and an understanding of what could take it farther.

The team bumped up the height of the already bold sheer line, added to the overall length and expanded the interior width as well. With this new exterior, the distinctive 255 XD could still announce its presence, but now with more volume.

It’s Not Just the Size, But How You Use It.

Combining the added space with a keen sense of ergonomic design that highlights flexibility and high-end features, ROBRADY didn’t just transform the XD’s interior, they elevated the boating experience.

In the cockpit, the “floating” helm design borrowed from the larger 275, gives the XD the same minimalist, well-appointed style with maximum control over the craft’s maneuvering, sound system, navigation, lights, and even ballast and surf capabilities. 

Room With a View

With a single-step center walkthrough area, the XD allows effortless movement fore and aft, along with a more accessible head which creates a noticeable sense of roominess. Working with Yamaha engineers, ROBRADY enhanced the aft accommodations with smooth-glide, articulated seating that converts easily from stadium-style seating into a rear lounge area that offers a perfect view of the water without sacrificing ample and convenient wet storage. Industry-first “Swim Up” seats let passengers relax in the water as well as on it.

The design team also included premium finishing touches such as an integrated sound system, beverage holders, easy-to-reach handrails, and an entertainment galley to complete a roomy redesign that maximizes the XD’s fun while complementing its functionality.