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    Yamaha 255 Center Console Jet Boat

    Traditional...and Tricked Out

Brand success comes, in part, from an ability to re-imagine the expected as the exceptional. Part of ROBRADY’s successful collaboration with Yamaha on the redesign of their 255 Center Console Jet Boat is an ability to share the dream and deliver the potential.


ROBRADY design is about seeing Yamaha’s vision from every possible angle.

—Rob Brady

The Center Console of Attention

As a flagship, the 255 makes no compromises. As the design partner, ROBRADY made no assumptions. Starting at a fundamental level, the studio addressed the hull to deck ratio of the craft’s distinctive profile, enhancing it and stretching the boat’s overall length that integrates smoothly with the spacious interior. By relocating the larger console to true center, the design team created a new 360-degree wraparound space to provide unmatched mobility throughout the boat and add to the roomy feel and functionality of a craft built for family fun.

The Best Seat in The House, Even If You’re Standing

Complimenting Yamaha’s signature aqua-centric aft section, the rear-facing flip-up seats can be configured into a full bench while providing quick-access wet storage. For other activities, enlarged, elevated casting areas make the 255 one of the most versatile center console boats on the market. 

Safety and Style

The advantage of ROBRADY’s DNA-level approach to design is that there is no such thing as an afterthought. Features such as the wide foot landing that provides easy egress and flush handrails that eliminate trip hazards are as much a part of the boat as the innovative, aquarium-style livewell that offers side-visibility.