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    Yamaha 22ft Sport Jet Boat

    An Upmarket Sport Boat Ready to Make an Impact

For years, ROBRADY has had the honor to work closely with the talented Yamaha product development group – and recently, the development of the all-new 22’ Sport Boat. Through our exclusive and unique relationship, we have become a collaborative part of the product development group at Yamaha, a team with whom we share a love for design excellence and a passion for developing immensely fun, user-centric watercraft and accessories. All the way from the 27’, 25’, and 22’ foot series, ROBRADY has been fortunate to have worked as a collaborative partner that delivers customer-centric solutions that hit the mark – and often sell out - every time.


Yamaha’s vanguard status is due in part to its passion for design and

collaboration with partners like ROBRADY, who share that passion.

—Rob Brady

Beauty and Brawn

For 2023, Yamaha relied on ROBRADY to push the envelope of what a high-quality, high-value boat is. Collaboratively joining forces with Yamaha, the team focused on a bold, refined aesthetic that complements the striking and sophisticated new look. This is achieved with dramatically sculpted sides that add to the overall hull strength of the already power-packed vessel.

On board, the 22’ sports’ larger bow area, combined with generous storage space, means a roomier and more luxurious ride. In the cockpit, additional space, along with the asymmetrical configuration of the floating helm, delivers greater visibility for the captain and guests, a distinctive look, and more progressive appeal.

Full Sized Features in a Mid-Size Platform

The 22 ‘ series features drive-by-wire technology to unlock many innovative features that will change how you enjoy your time on the water. In addition to the amenities included with the larger 25’ series, such as swim-up seating, the more compact 22’ now provides helm and portside inductive charging stations that easily enable devices to play as they power up for a fun-filled day on the water.

Versatility and Value

Available in different models and adorned in the iconic Yamaha color palette, the 22’ has become an upmarket sport boat ready to make an impact. Whether you're strapping on a board, pulling a tube or lounging in a cove, the 22’ series has what you need.

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