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    Yamaha 22ft FSH Center Console Jet Boat

    Putting the Fun in Functional

ROBRADY and Yamaha joined forces in their quest for design excellence with the development of the 22’ FSH Center Console Boat. The Yamaha product development team boasts a great deal of talent, and ROBRADY is thankful for the opportunity to collaborate in an environment brimming with innovation, creativity, and a love for user-centric design.

Taking Center Stage

Like its sport boat counterpart, the 2023 FSH gains a foot in length and is complimented by dramatically contoured hull sides that deliver a unique style and strength when gliding along the coast to your favorite on-the-water dining spot. ROBRADY’s exclusive collaboration with Yamaha achieves a bold new look that emphasizes surfaces, form, and colors instead of graphic sticker packages. The result is a fun, iconic look that’s part of the craft’s DNA.

Room…with a View

With controls located in true center, and highlighted by the underside color that echoes the hull, the FSH’s command console draws the eye. It provides optimal visibility with a 360-degree wraparound space that offers ample room for a wide range of activities. Combined with extended bow space, the FSH features a level of roominess and luxury typically reserved for larger craft.


The Perfect Catch

Store all of your equipment needed for a fun-filled day out on the water with the generous storage options aboard the FSH. Equipped with forward-facing flip-up seats,  and an aquarium-style live well fitted with a clear lid to store live bait. The FSH is the ideal boat for coastal living with the whole family, whether the goal is hooking fish, riding waves, or relaxing in the sun, the 22’ FSH has you covered.