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Electric Superbike

Proof that lightning can strike twice

The ROBRADY rMOTO electric bike concept was too good to pass up. And with direction from Peter Hughes, Vectrix Chief Technology Officer, we helped turn our own concept into a reality.

The Vectrix Superbike borrows heavily from our original rMOTO vision and is the product of an engineering roundtable with various design and manufacturing partners. It features game-changing clean technology accented by revolutionary design: a motor and batteries instead of an engine, no fuel tank, no tailpipes and, most importantly, no emissions.

These innovations make quite a statement, celebrating clean electric power by redefining the aesthetic boundaries of “green” vehicle design.

Working with Vectrix from day one, ROBRADY was a fully committed partner, even helping in the raise of nearly $200 million in production capital. Leveraging our experience, expertise and relationships, we took the superbike from research to “show level” reality in a few months. The impact of our multi-disciplinary studio was felt from stunning concept design through production of a concept prototype that showed audiences in Milan and around the world what an electric superbike should be.

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