• Vectix VX-1 Charging Stand

    The sturdy, stylish stand provides safe, hands free, easy-to-use electric recharging for the VX-1 Maxi-Scooter.

It’s not a home run until you’re safe at home.

The difference between innovation on the trade show floor and in the garage is how well it fits the needs of the consumer, and with the VX-1 charging stand, fit is the operative word.

ROBRADY created a charging stand that was as innovative as the nearly 70 mph Maxi-scooter for which it was designed. Welded steel construction for maximum durability is complemented by a high-visibility yellow powder-coating for easy roll-up parking. A wide metal plate underneath the low-slung carriage provides dependable stability for the 550 pound electric scooter and a rider. No need to deploy either the side or center stand once docked. Simply drive up , engage the charging stand and dismount. Charging is completely hands free and automated. The intelligent charging system is activated only after a proper connection and handshake between the scooter and the stand. The device is safe, reliable and user friendly.