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    Textron’s Hauler line of utility vehicles is an indispensable part of any professional golf course maintenance program.

Design for the long Haul

"The ROBRADY team was great to work with. They augmented the development process by offering a variety of options and always being responsive. They went the extra mile by working over the holidays, buying tools that defined the shape of our product, and hosting a focus group." - Matt Zaremba, Director, Product Strategy, Golf at Textron

Textron’s Hauler line of utility vehicles is an indispensable part of any professional golf course maintenance program. The versatile workhorse offers multiple configurations, a choice of gas or electric platforms, and unfailing dependability. So when the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles decided to update its legendary line, they chose a design studio that could bring their A-game.

Addressing the front-to-back update of the Hauler’s exterior and interior required a design solution that met all the demanding needs of the users while also complementing the vehicle’s rugged underlying mechanics. In addition, the ample space requirements for tools, personal items, larger implements such as seed spreaders—even man’s best friend—would need to be incorporated into a final design that was as aesthetic as it was efficient. To achieve these objectives, the ROBRADY team presented a full-scale mockup to a range of stakeholders to validate design assumptions, functional ergonomics, utility space claims, and overall visual proportions.

Like a Master’s pro studying the break of a fairway, ROBRADY fully commits to understanding the hazards, goals, and opportunities of each project to deliver maximum effect with economy of effort. After comprehensive design evaluation and stakeholder interviews, ROBRADY refined the design and produced a “looks like” prototype for final review to confirm the updated Hauler was indeed ready to roll.

Complementing manufacturing and engineering expertise with fluency in visual branding language enables ROBRADY to deliver a solution with a clear brand message whether it’s meant for the fairway with the Hauler or for the forest with Textron’s recently launched Prowler EV—a clean, quiet electric powered platform. This process is just one more example of how ROBRADY design maximizes the return on the exacting work and capital expenditures invested in all our projects.