Sleek Audio SA6 In Ear Monitor
Sleek Audio


The ROBRADY difference is loud and clear

ROBRADY’s diverse talent and services have helped numerous established companies distinguish products in their respective markets. We’ve also helped startup clients turn raw ideas into reality—many times launching companies in the process.

After recommendations from suppliers and vendors—and a visit to—Sleek Audio approached us with an idea for the first completely adjustable in-ear monitor compatible with state-of-the-art audio equipment, including iPod® type products. They had a clear vision and the corresponding cutting-edge technology, but they needed an innovative, market-savvy product design.

ROBRADY’s industrial design team took the lead with initial product concepts. The in-ear device was immediately defined by physical and performance-related realities such as size, sound quality and ergonomics, the restraints of which created inherent assembly and aesthetic challenges.

The final SA6 design boasts customized sound (bass and treble options), fit (three use options plus various-size ear tips) and application (replaceable/ interchangeable swivel cables), as well as a protective case.

ROBRADY also developed company and product logos, supplemental business communications and an engaging and informative corporate website complete with e-commerce capabilities to support Sleek Audio’s initial launch to market.

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