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RIP-IT Smart Bat and KINO Coaching App

It All Starts At The Crack Of The Bat

Unlike other add-on performance trackers, Kino isn’t apart from the bat, it’s part of the bat. The ruggedized tracker integrates with the bat by replacing the knob. This innovation means much more than just measuring your swing under more natural circumstances. For the first time ever, performance can measured under actual game conditions.

Confidence Comes From Training

If Kino only provided a robust analysis of swing performance - everything from swing speed, quality of contact, and number of hits per swing - that would be enough to set it apart from the pack. But Kino isn’t just committed to making a better bat, it’s committed to making better batters.

Complementing the performance metrics, the Kino system provides a range of drills and exercises athletes can access via their smart phones. Taken together, the software not only shows players what they’re doing, but gives them the means to do it better.

No More Off Season

Kino’s integrated hardware and software solution gives players greater control over their swing, allowing them to continually improve outside of the game and even outside of team practices. Compiled data from drills and exercises can be shared between players and coaches 24/7.

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