• The Yamaha RecDeck

    The RecDeck complements the FX series’ sleek design

A Watershed for Personal Watercraft

Yamaha’s best-selling FX series WaveRunners have gone from being class leaders to being in a class by themselves with the creation of an innovative multi-use accessory that makes them as exciting at rest as they are in motion.

The Ultimate FX-cessory

Easily mounted to the stern platform of the watercraft, the RecDeck complements the FX series’ sleek design to maximize usability, space, and versatility. An array of fold flat cleats and gear track rails provide multiple mounting points for a seemingly infinite range of configurations that can accommodate everything from coolers and fishing gear to tubes and various watersports accessories, even loungers and sun umbrellas.

Options That Set A New Standard

Additional accessories for the RecDeck let users customize their experience both in the water and on top of it. A built-in reboarding handle and full-size ladder make it easy to take a dip while accessories like attachable swim seats and inflatable dock transform the FX into a floating lounge. The transformable RecDeck is finished with MarineMat – an ultra-comfortable and durable decking solution. A Multi-Use Rack accessory (sold separately) gives users additional seating and gear attachment options. Available accessory options for the RecDeck include the JetFish™ Packages, the Lounging Package, and Tow Sports Package.

A Company’s Vision And A Visionary Studio

A hallmark of the relationship Yamaha and ROBRADY have built over many years is “concept collaboration.” This allows ROBRADY to push the product design possibilities confident that legendary Yamaha engineering will deliver quality, durable products that never lose their original “fun factor” spark.