Polaris Ranger UTV Hood and Bed Design

Ranger Hood and Bed Design

ROBRADY design worked with the platform managers and engineering teams at POLARIS to develop a rock solid, highly functional upgrade to their popular RANGER line of off-road vehicles.

The assignment was two fold: design a new cargo carrying system and create a fresh look by way of a new hood assembly. ROBRADY developed several alternatives and supported the presentations with Pro/ENGINEER follow through. This facilitated the lengthy discussions on how the parts could look, be tooled, finished, assembled, used and abused- and still look good like day one. Product costs and an appreciation of long-term customer satisfaction are top parameters at POLARIS.

While in search of a final cargo box design, various solutions were evaluated that would support pallet-sized loads, accommodate multiple tie-down points, and an assortment of mounting holes to accept the many POLARIS add-on options being planned. In doing so, the RANGER accessories group was well supported in the new cargo design, facilitating their business growth plans.

With the new hood design, ROBRADY focused on a strong look with progressive lines. Great care was taken to include the functional parameters set forth by the POLARIS team. Complimenting the final design, the new hood features a functional front mask part that delivers a clean aesthetic tie in to the various front-end elements.

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