CRT Revolution 42'


The first product designed by ROBRADY president Rob Brady while he was a designer at Cigarette Racing was 8’ wide and 42’ long. And its impact on the market was immeasurable.

The rEvolution 42’ and its progressive design graced the cover of all international boating magazines at the time and is still turning heads. Taking an innovative approach from initial concept through execution, Brady integrated every design element such as console, seating, decking, even color and graphics to deliver a fresh, innovative product that is still turning heads today.

ROBRADY’s expertise in product design and marketplace execution coupled with a long history in watercraft gives it a track record of innovative design solutions that few can match in the marine industry. This multi-disciplinary studio efficiently integrates tireless research, full-size and scale modeling, advanced prototyping and performance testing to deliver uniquely tailored design solutions that make waves and maximize ROI.