• Cobalt A29 Series HMI

    ROBRADY and Medallion Instrumentation create an industry-leading HMI experience for the elite A29

Unparalleled Human Machine Interface provides unmatched Human Marine Interface

For over 20 years, ROBRADY and Medallion have set the high-water mark for watercraft HMI and, with the launch of Cobalt’s A29 series in 2020, the duo once again deliver an onboard display solution as elegant as it is efficient.

Success by design

A successful partnership doesn’t happen by luck, and ROBRADY and Medallion have worked painstakingly to integrate code and design into HMI’s unrivaled on the water.

It all starts with wireframing and storyboarding the entire system. The ROBRADY team reviewed and diagrammed each element of the interface, determining when and where it came into play, and whether it was static or dynamic content. With a comprehensive map of the screens and user information as a baseline, the designers created a compelling, modern interface to meet the needs of the user, the vessel, and the manufacturer. ROBRADY developed multiple Hero Screen concepts to outline the overall look and, once all stakeholders agreed on a direction, created a stylized storyboard to represent the entire HMI, from stem to stern.

Cobalt a29 HMI Storyboard 12" Display

The upcoming Cobalt A29 is an elegant, high-performance craft. Reflecting this clean, advanced style, the HMI embraces numbers over needles and employs an all-digital aesthetic to create an airy sophistication. Once Medallion and Cobalt approved the final storyboard, ROBRADY generated all the required images and built the interface using the Altia Software Tool Chain. The fully-realized front-end HMI enabled Medallion’s software engineers to connect their c-code and generate deep-screen data.

Cobalt Altia Screenshot

No one rests until the test

With the HMI complete, ROBRADY and Medallion conducted extensive color tests and calibrations to insure the final look and visibility of the target screen matched expectations. After all, the PC monitor display in a studio can look very different in the light of day at sea.

The HMI may be all-digital, but there are still a lot of moving parts.

ROBRADY’s ability to understand and appreciate a vessel on all levels and at all stages of development is just one reason we enjoy long-term relationships with clients like Medallion Instrumentation and others. Our ability to see the big picture from all stakeholders’ points of view allows us to fully realize their vision, provide options along the way, and pivot whenever demands may change mid-stream.

Cobalt a29 HMI Storyboard 7" Display