• Caudwell Marine Axis Outboard Engine

    Caudwell turned to ROBRADY for a distinctive look and impressive performance for their line of Axis engines

Seas the Day

When developing its Axis line of outboard engines, industry vanguard Caudwell Marine found itself in uncharted waters: it was searching for a single distinctive look that would fit all four Axis engines and be as impressive as their performance. To meet this challenge and find the maximum design value, Caudwell turned to ROBRADY.

The Shape of Things to Come

Caudwell’s plans required a single signature solution that would work for each Axis engine. ROBRADY first created a composite target from all four engines to establish the overall design parameters to guide exterior form exploration. The team then began developing various form languages, drawing inspiration from an unlikely, land-based source.

One of the most exotic cars ever built, the Lamborghini Veneno symbolizes passion as well as performance. Capturing that same mix of drama and power became the team’s focus as it began the complex process of translating 2D art to 3D Surface CAD and, ultimately, to physical prototyping.

Often, keyboards and CAD can take a design only so far – especially with demanding developments of form. At those moments, it’s time to turn to a RORBADY favorite – full size clay modeling to create a tangible sculpture so stakeholders can literally get a feel for the design. After all, perfecting the final, exacting details for the Axis outboards is as much about art as science, about feel as formula.

A One-Man Air Force of Nature

Remembering Mike Beachey Head

June 30, 1957 - May 21, 2017

With deepest reverence and respect, ROBRADY design bids farewell to our dear friend and partner, Mike Beachey Head.

A singular man, Mike breathed new life into the cliché about living life to the fullest: when others turned away from the impossible, he throttled up, whether it was in the driver’s seat, the cockpit, or the office.

His passion for aircraft and automobiles was formidable. Over the years he amassed a small fleet of 12 fighter jets and bombers, including a Hunter, a Buccaneer, and a Lightning, each of which he would fly at airshows to the thrill of countless fans. On the ground, he was no less fierce, racing his Porsche 917 in South Africa’s Simola Hillclimb.

Yet, greater still was his passion for his family. A devoted husband to Jane and father to Jake, Astin, and Luke, Mike understood that greatest moments in life aren’t found in a cockpit, but in teaching your child to shave or playing cricket with your family.

A truly great man is not measured by how fast he goes, but by what he stops for; not by what he possesses, but by what he gives back.

God speed, Mike.

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