To support our customers and clients, ROBRADY capital is proud to present the “Profitable Insights” investor education event series. There was an obvious void in the market to connect early-stage, high potential, innovative companies with interested parties. With the creation of the roadshow series, high-quality, high innovation companies with proven management have a platform to present their companies to a targeted audience. Coming off of a successful event series in Sarasota, Florida in the late spring of 2011, the ROBRADY capital team will continue this successful series in the fall and spring of 2011/2012.

Each presenter (company representatives) will have 20 minutes to present followed by break-out meetings with accredited investors and investment advisors that want to investigate the opportunity further with company executives. The purpose of this event is not to “sell” securities, it is to “educate” and arrange appointments with those who have been pre-selected demographically and demonstrate an interest in learning more about these types of alternative investing opportunities.

The following locations are planned for future Road Show events:
1. Tampa
2. Jacksonville
3. Orlando
4. Naples
5. Palm Beach

Dates and times of these events will become available in the near future. Presenters can reserve their spots today by e-mailing [email protected], and attendees can also inquire about seating availability to the same address.

Each show lasts approximately an hour and a half and begins at approximately 6 PM.

The events will be catered and will be comprised of four presenters.

The show is organized as follows: The Open, The Presentation, The Appointment, and The Break-out.

The Open
Each show will have a meet and greet and brief open from the show moderator.  Attendees will receive a packet of information along with an appointment card.

The Presentation
Each presenter will have 20 minutes to educate the audience. The show moderator will introduce each presenter.

The Appointment
At the conclusion of the show, appointment cards will be collected.  This information will be provided to the presenters for follow up.

The Break-out
Staff attendees from each company will be clearly identified so that they can be sought out by the audience after the presentation.

We look forward to seeing you at the next ROBRADY capital ROADSHOW event!

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