Machining and CNC

Machining and CNC

Machining and CNC

We take visions and make realities.

ROBRADY design can turn promising ideas into successful products because we understand the materials and processes that go into those products. Our studio puts high-end manufacturing technology in the hands of engineers with nearly two decades of experience and expertise. The result is streamlined production that delivers peerless results.


Onsite 5-Axis Machining
Having direct control over a highly capable 5-axis machine means that we can create a design as complex as needed and as quickly.  Whether the material is clay, foam, plastic, composite or metal, we can turn your concept into a precision crafted prototype quickly and efficiently (and repeatedly, if needed).

DMS 5T5, FAGOR 8055M controller, 5 axis Nutating head Bridge mill, X 132”, Y 72”, Z 36”, twin 60"x60" independent tables, 20k RPM, 1500 IPM


Computer Aided Manufacturing/ CNC Programming
Customized software allows us to respond quickly to data from both our Industrial and Mechanical design teams as well as the client to create multiple versions of a model, or update models as they are modified. A design change in the morning can be a revised prototype by noon. The sophisticated CAM/CNC process also gives us the capability to put fine surface finishes on even large, complex prototypes.

Pro/ENGINEER - Pro/Manufacturing Prismatic and Multi Surface Milling Wildfire 2-5


Lights Out Operation
Remote infrared cameras keep a careful watch over after-hours operation. This greatly reduces job lead time and enhances short-run productions.


Knowing how to work with materials, whether it’s expanded polystyrene, urethane foam, aluminum or clay, is just the beginning. Knowing which is best suited for your prototyping objectives means the difference between time and money wasted and a lasting model that makes a lasting impression.

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