Brand and Retail Development

Brand and Retail Development

Brand and Retail Development

Having a great product and service is like capturing lightning in a bottle. Having a great brand is delivering that same spark to consumers every time. This is why our strategy doesn’t end with one successful product but strives to develop successful product systems.

Brand Strategy Development

Brand Strategy Development
As with any living thing, brands grow and evolve. They take time to develop. They need guidance and constant attention. They can inspire feelings of pride and reliability. And they can be compromised in an instant.  At ROBRADY, our passion for brand development shows in our commitment to the creation of a brand as well as its continued health. Learn More >


Exhibit and Display Design
With the development of a new product or product line, it is imperative to follow through to the end user experience. At ROBRADY we blend brand, design, merchandising, and psychology into one cohesive and all-encompassing package to ensure that whether it’s on TV, in a store, or in someone’s home, your products brand essence and promise are kept in line.

From product concept to customer engagement, one process, managed in detail and reinforced by “design that sells” delivers the total brand experience. Learn More >


Market Research
Research is crucial to the success of new product, packaging and merchandising. ROBRADY focuses on humanizing design thru the uncovering of un-met consumer and end-user needs, via both traditional and non-traditional research methods. In this area, our services include:

Brand Assessment – What do consumer think about your brand? How does your brand rank against the competition? Is your brand meeting it’s promise to your customers?

Ethnographic Research – Who are your customers? What are the psychological differences between Men and Women shoppers? Why do Hispanics (as an example) favor certain brands over others?

Observational Research – How do consumers use your products in the field? Are they using your products correctly? Are they “improvising” on usage with their own ideas?

Online / Internet Research – Engaging end users (targeted / demographically based) using algorithms to arrive at new product, logo, packaging and retail concepts to gain valuable market acceptance insight - ahead of a large scale roll out.

Shopper Psychology – How do consumer interact with your products at the point of sale? Why do they buy your competitors products? Why do they walk away from yours?

Learn More >


Retail Packaging and Merchandising
ROBRADY closes the retail loop with creative consumer driven packaging and merchandising strategies to move products off the shelf. We also address brand impact at POS, retail and channel analysis, pricing analysis, competitive analysis, graphic/communications analysis and shopper psychology as a unified process. Whether its in-aisle, end cap, or stand alone displays, we can help you make sure consumers are “driven” to your products, time and time again. Learn More >


Focus Group Testing
It’s not just what you say about your brand, it’s how the consumer feels about it. Our testing considers myriad factors that go beyond demographic, cultural, age and gender data. Our rapid prototyping capabilities allow us to give test groups more than questions and surveys, but physical devices to interact with. Our thorough, consumer-driven analysis delivers quantitative metrics that measure the success of our solution. Learn More >


Packaging Evaluation
Because people do judge books by their covers, our brand development includes the first thing consumers experience about your product: its packaging. We analyze product exposure, accessibility, how it fits into a shelf display and how it stands apart from its competition. Learn More >


Retail Pricing Validation
From the beginning, we use reverse retailing, comprehensive analysis of the competition’s pricing and discounting strategies as well as distribution channels (direct-to-retail, direct-to-consumer), we make sure that the numbers add up to maximize your ROI. Learn More >


IP Evaluation
We not only determine the viability of your brand and what will set it apart but, more importantly, how best to position it for success in the global marketplace. We work creatively and logically with accomplished attorneys to protect your vision. Learn More >


Product Naming
Let’s be clear, Shakespeare’s timeless tale of two star-crossed lovers would not have lasted if it had been called Romeo and Gertrude. And in the modern world, the right name is more critical than ever. Our team tests your brand moniker to make sure it rolls off the tongue and sticks in the brain, is trademark-eligible and easily found (and spread) across the web through search engine optimization. Learn More >


Merchandise Support
Our development process doesn’t stop at our doors, but continues through the implementation and display of your brand to make sure it’s at home in a changing retail environment. Endcaps, pop-ups and brand guidelines ensure a consistent, attention-grabbing presentation of your brand. Learn More >

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