• Turning Negative Pressure into Positive Solutions

    ROBRADY teamed up with frontline ER doctors to innovate more effective PPE solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

SARASOTA, FL December 23, 2020 When a group of ER doctors imagined a more effective way to protect physicians treating COVID patients, ROBRADY helped them turn their innovative idea into viable, real-world solutions.

Based on first-hand pandemic experience, doctors at Safer Medical Products, LLC wanted to improve on the protection of face shields by combining the transparent barriers with a negative pressure system. This inspired approach would do more than just block airborne pathogens, it would capture them into a HEPA or ULPA filter system.

SafER Protection Shield In Use

Much like a doctor conducting an initial intake, the ROBRADY team listened to the physicians and built total understanding and empathy for the challenge.

Then, the team drew upon decades of experience and expertise to form a design “diagnosis” considering factors such as function, user experience, and materials and rapidly produced multiple iterations of 3D-printed prototypes that physicians could evaluate and refined into a final product.

Total empathy is more than satisfying design parameters. It’s also responding to a client’s devotion to their product as well as the patient’s need for it.

 – Rob Brady

The results were the Respiratory Shield and the Endoshield, pathogen containment systems (PCS) that keep physicians safe when treating patients by preventing the spread of 99.99% of particulates as small as .12 microns.

But it wasn’t just ROBRADY’s experience with producing design solutions for the medical sector or their skill in rapid-response to critical timelines. Like a good physician, they focused on the whole client, from idea through product launch, leveraging their strategic resources to make sure Safer Medical Products’ IP was protected legally, met all FDA regulatory standards, including respective registration, medical packaging / labeling, and had solid marketing support as well.

In the age of COVID, rapid response teams aren’t just found in the intensive care unit; some come from product design firms.

About SafER Medical Products, LLC

SafER Medical Products, LLC emerged from a team of frontline ER physicians committed to supporting healthcare providers worldwide with superior protective equipment. Responding to growing demand, SafER Medical Products spearheaded the development the EndoShield and Respiratory Shield Aerosol Evacuator Systems. These cost-effective and innovative medical product solutions use negative pressure to provide both patients and healthcare workers with significantly improved defense against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.