A Smart Move |  | ROBRADY production

From concept to corporation

ROBRADY design helps turn research into reality. In getting the right product to the right market at the right time, the studio is positioned to recognize and realize the potential of a big idea to lead to even bigger possibilities—a company, for instance, with an entire line of products.

Case in point: A big idea—a protection device for contactless smart cards—that addresses a big problem‚ unauthorized access to personal data.

Although convenient for authorized users, select passports, identification cards and credit cards that utilize radio frequency identification to transfer data pose significant security risks--specifically surrounding unauthorized, sometimes even remote reading of information stored in such cards.

When ROBRADY was approached by clients with this idea, the studio solution initially focused on the development of two innovative products: A Secure Sleeve(TM) and a Secure Badgeholder(TM) to block the frequency of such signals.

While both products act as barriers to the radio waves necessary to power and communicate with RFID-enabled cards, their development uncovered further opportunities for product-line development.

To take full advantage of their relationship with globally recognized ROBRADY, the clients also leveraged the studio's new-business capabilities‚ logistics and support, venture funding, sourcing, and scalable production—to launch a company, Identity Stronghold

Today, Identity Stronghold offers six personal security products to the consumer, government/military and financial markets, still with support from business partner ROBRADY design.