DK City db0 3.0 Folding Electric Bicycle

March 4, 2010 — ROBRADY design has been presented a Universal Design award in the Mobility category of this year’s competition for their db0 Electric Folding Bike design.  Partnering with Taiwanese manufacturer DK City, ROBRADY design developed a eco-conscious, user friendly e-bike that celebrate the concept of a “folding bike” - a uniquely original design solution that is instantly recognized as the next generation in folding e-bikes. The bicycle market is new territory for both ROBRADY design and DK City. Both partners are eager to continue their exploration of this environmentally smart market and aredriven by their desire to protect and preserve the planet for future generations.

The new db0 bike, which is scheduled for release to the market in 2010, is first in a series of electric bikes that embodies their mission to design a series of clean, bold, and innovatively simple folding bikes. The design promotes the folding mechanism unlike it has ever been done before in this market - as a “focal point” that adds visual value to the bike. The battery configuration and integrated travel handles are also treated as iconic elements that offer aesthetic as well as ergonomic benefits. The db0 bike design is currently being featured at the ZOW Fairin Bad Salzuflen, Germany and CeBIT  2010 in Hannover, Germany as part of the Universal Design Awards showcase.

The Universal Design awards mission is to represent the design challenge of the coming decades. Precipitated by a global demographic shift, both existing products and new developments will acquire a new simplicity. Universal Design GmbH is dedicated to publicizing this challenge to a broad international audience. Its activities - for example hosting the international universal design award - are intended to serve as an inspiration for designers and manufacturers so that their creativity, competence and experience can flow into products, architecture and services for everyone.