• ROBRADY design Launches Innovative Medical Product Designed & Developed in Florida

    An innovative defense system against airborne contaminants.

Sarasota August 19, 2021 SafER Medical Products, LLC and product design and development firm ROBRADY have partnered to create an innovative defense system against airborne contaminants. The product line, which creates a portable negative pressure environment to protect healthcare workers and their patients while administering respiratory treatments and procedures, will be manufactured in the USA, primarily Florida.

SafER Medical Product Family


The emergency medicine physicians at SafER Medical Products LLC were inspired by the COVID pandemic in conjunction with critical care physicians from around the country. As a result, they invented a family of innovative products to help protect healthcare workers from the exposure and spread of airborne contaminants that can take them off the front lines. The portable, negative pressure system empowers medical personnel, from paramedics to doctors and nurses, to home healthcare providers, the ability to turn any ambulance, emergency room, urgent care center, hospital, or other setting into a negative pressure environment. Recent studies have shown that this system provides a high degree of safety and efficacy, adding a layer of protection not offered by anything else on the market.

Starting in July 2020, SafER Medical Products approached ROBRADY for help turning their vision into a line of viable products. Like a doctor conducting an initial intake, the design team listened, to build complete understanding and empathy for the challenge. Then, engineers and designers rapidly produced multiple 3D-printed prototypes that the physicians could evaluate and refine into a final product. Now, almost one year to the day, SafER Medical’s innovative family of products stand on the eve of market launch. 

While the portable negative pressure system provides increased protection for healthcare workers and patients, as a business model, ROBRADY brings Florida-based design, manufacturing, sales, and distribution opportunities felt throughout the local economy. In this way, ROBRADY’s work bolsters the health of the Florida economy no matter the market sector of the project and demonstrates that rapid response teams can be found in product design firms as well as emergency rooms.

About SafER Medical Products, LLC

SafER Medical Products, LLC emerged from a team of frontline ER physicians committed to supporting healthcare providers worldwide with superior protective equipment. Responding to growing demands, SafER Medical Products spearheaded the development of the Respiratory Shield and the Endoshield, Portable Negative Pressure System. These cost-effective and innovative medical product solutions bring a portable negative pressure environment to provide both patients and healthcare workers with an innovative defense against airborne contaminants. 


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