• ROBRADY design has been chosen as a finalist in the Transport, Medical, and World Changing categories of this year’s Spark Awards competition with three innovative products.

CareAlrt, DKCity DB0 7, Envirofit Stove Spark 2013 Finalist

Sarasota, FL, October 28, 2013 — ROBRADY design has been chosen as a finalist in the Transport, Medical, and World Changing categories of this year’s Spark Awards competition with three innovative products – the db0 7 electric bike, the CareAlert Monitoring System and the Envirofit Institutional Cookstove. Each of these products have been recognized by the Spark judges as making a significant step towards better living through better design. Final judging for the competition will occur in November.

Partnering with Taiwanese manufacturer DK City, ROBRADY design developed the second bike in the iconic db0 family, an eco-conscious, user-friendly series of e-bikes. A finalist in the Transport category, the db0 7 is a 36v lithium-ion electric form of transportation. ROBRADY’s main focus was to design for universal usage - male and female riders. This dictated the overall layout of the major structure. Designing around this universal purpose, the basic V shape becomes an iconic element of the design using the central electronic hub as the focal point. The design employs many unique features such as a bold tube design, sliding seat adjustment, and an integrated battery for fast removal and charging. This universal appeal has people around the globe talking about its uniquely beautiful design.

A finalist in the Medical category, CareAlert™ is an integrated in-home monitoring system that provides reliable communications to caregivers through no-touch monitoring of the care recipient’s location. This allows caregiver’s peace of mind while maintaining the safety of the care recipient. The system provides complex functionality via an intuitive user interface that is easy to install and use (even by elderly caregivers). It is comprised of a master controller and sensors throughout the home. The system’s alerts can be tailored to the care recipient’s condition. The design is clean and the installed monitors are unobtrusive. The product is completely self-contained and does not require a third party monitoring service, internet connection, or phone line connection of any kind.

The ROBRADY design for the Institutional Cookstove incorporates all of Envirofit’s industry-leading household technologies into a highly-efficient, institutional-sized model designed for scalability depending on the needs of the location. The stoves are long-lasting, durable and easy to use. Key benefits in the design of the stove are safety mechanisms for pot stability, reduction of harmful emissions (90% less smoke and soot), adaptability for indoor/outdoor cooking and an 80% reduction of wood needed for cooking. These benefits are crucial in the developing world where up to 60% of income is spent on fuel in food preparation. By using wood more efficiently there is a reduction in deforestation, preventing erosion and habitat destruction. The stove is a finalist in the World Changing category.

The Spark™ award is a global design competition that was started in 2001. The Spark mission is to promote better living through better design. The focus of the competition is recognizing change—‘designed change’. They define ‘designed change’ as change for the better: studied, researched and cognizant of criteria like sustainability, suitability, context, inventiveness, process, universality and yes, beauty. The Spark 2013 recipients represent the world’s most important manufacturers, designers and architects whose work embodies an emphasis on creative solutions that enrich our lives and environment.

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