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ROBRADY design Garners Two Good Design Awards

Sarasota, FL, February 19, 2016—Internationally-renown studio ROBRADY design brought home two Good Design Awards from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. The accolades recognize the firm’s contribution to both the FORTIS exoskeleton and the EarthLinked Geothermal Heating System.

ROBRADY received the awards for its design work with both Lockheed Martin on the FORTIS exoskeleton and EarthLinked on their Geothermal Heating System. Both products represent exemplary design through aesthetic styling, efficient manufacturing, and green sensibility.

Lockheed Martin’s FORTIS exoskeleton enhances human capabilities and stamina in demanding environments such as shipyards and factories. By partnering with ROBRADY, Lockheed was able to turn out a lightweight frame with increased functionality, dependability and comfort in a remarkably short time.

The EarthLinked Geothermal Heating System represents an advance over other systems by needing less space and drawing its heat source from the thermal energy the Earth naturally stores from the sun. ROBRADY helped EarthLinked redesign the system’s outer casing to improve durability, serviceability, strengthen brand identity and enhance aesthetics as the company prepared for a major market initiative.

"It’s a testament to the team we have in the studio," praised company President Robert Brady, "that we are not only able to produce work at this level, but in such diverse industries."

Announced in December, the awards are a culmination of a rigorous selection process that began in November, 2015. Thousands of entries from prominent manufacturers deluged the museum from nearly 50 countries.

All awards are posted on the Museum’s website at, and will appear in the upcoming Good Design Yearbook 2015-2016.

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