Chris Stefko | ROBRADY design-Total Product Development | Florida

What was the path that led you to Industrial Design?
When I was about six years old I sketched a picture of the Flintstones from a box of Coco-pebbles cereal while I was eating breakfast. Nobody asked me to do it, I just got a piece of...

Innovation in Healthcare

Where is the next breakthrough product idea going to come from? All companies face this question, whether you are running a start-up and the success of your company is relying on the success of your first product or running an R&D department of a large, multinational medical device company...

Inside ROBRADY: Studio Team Additions | ROBRADY design

Sarasota, FL August 30, 2013

ROBRADY hires new staff to support recent company programs in the Electric Vehicle, Medical Device, Industrial and Consumer Markets.